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Gift shop
Posted January 1, 2013, 6:06 pm
imagePlease check out our gift site at www.everythingcamellia.com. Items must have a representation of a camellia on them or be related to tea, since camellia sinensis is where tea come from. Brand new, previously loved or vintage items as I find them. Porcelain, ceramincs, clothing, jewelry, glassware, unique, tea items etc. Some items were purchased in Japan when we went in October. These items say Japan.

Connecticut tragedy
Posted December 15, 2012, 12:49 pm

I hardly know the words to write about what happened in CT yesterday. There are not the right words in our language to describe the horror, despair and grief those people are feeling. We are all connected by being humans, parents, sisters, brothers, relatives, neighbors. But we will never be able to feel, what those people will, for the rest of their lives.

A family in the nursery industry has a child at that school. It brings it that much closer to all of us in the industry. I will not identify, let them have their privacy. But if you know me, and I know someone in that company, and they know that family, then you are three people away from that tragedy.

Everything Camellia site
Posted November 27, 2012, 10:26 am

The site is up for shopping, but a little tweaking needed. Please be patient while they are being adjusted. Pictures are being added lickety split.

 I will find out the best price for shipping and let you know. Pick-up is always welcome.

Camellia item gift shop
Posted November 25, 2012, 12:54 pm

Hopefully, we are getting our camellia item gift shop up this week. It is called Everything Camellia. Items will either have a representation of a camellia on them or be about tea- since Japanese, black etc teas come from Camellia sinensis.

The large pink camellia on the home page is a spring blooming hybrid called 'Cinnamon Cindy'.The picture for that came from Tom Ericson of The Transplanted Garden in Wilmington, NC. Thanks Tom! 

The white spray of camellias behind that picture is a picture of 'Chisato no aki', a sasanqua. That picture was taken here at the back of the office last week.

The girl in the pictures is our foreman's daughter. The lady in the pictures is my friend and neighbor.

Everything is to be linked together- Cam Too Camellia Nursery, Cam Too Koi and Everything Camellia. Look for more items to be added on a regular basis. The last two sites are open to purchase by the public and can be paid through Pay Pal.

new pictures
Posted November 6, 2012, 12:57 pm

Tom braved the cold today and took some more pictures of blooming sasanquas. Autumn Spirit, Ashton's Cameo, Autumn Delight, Cotton Candy, Nokorika and Winter's Prelude, Winter's Hope, Lu Shan Snow, October Bride, October Rose, Shikoku Stars (one petal bending forward), Winter's Star White and Yume.

He was so happy to see a customer so that he could come inside!  

Our Japan Trip
Posted October 26, 2012, 9:50 pm

Ray and I went with some friends to Japan -October 9th through the 23rd of October. I have loads of pictures. But my camera is being difficult. So hopefully, in the next few days, pics will appear. We had a great time looking at koi in mountain breeders tanks and the countryside, cities, food vegetable and flower gardens everywhere. I am so tired- so much jet lag, different hotels and WALKING! Fabulous shrines, temples, plants, FOOD etc. Just a bloom or two of Shishigashira camellia starting while we were there. Could see much more to come in the next few months. Temperature was very similar to current central North Carolina. We had no human translator, but many signs/menus are written in multiple languages as they are here. Thank goodness some menus had pictures! We specifically searched for those. And if you wrote a word or two on paper, most of the people we met could read English and help. Took a Japanese/English dictionary. Ray downloaded an app to his phone that when you speak into it, it translates to the appropriate foreign language for another person to "hear". We made it thru ok! I need to write out an itinerary of what we actually did- not just planned, then I will post some notes. We stopped for two days in San Francisco and took an all day tour there too. Saw the Metasequoia sempervirens- not the fat ones, but the tallest ones. Pics coming from there and from the Seattle Japanese garden on the day before we left for Japan. Picked up many items to be sold under our Classic Camellia Collection of gifts. When I get that page started somewhere. SOON!!!!

Our Camellias this fall at the following garden centers;
Posted October 1, 2012, 9:35 pm

In the last 2 months, we have delivered blooming camellia sasanquas and japonicas, stewartia trees, prunus mume, forsythia, cephalotaxus, forsythia, chaenomeles and perennials to the following garden centers- arranged by states and towns.

Alabama-Holly Pond-Gibbs Garden Ctr., Madison-The Catbird Seat, Birmingham-Hanna's

Delaware-Millsboro-East Coast Perennials and Millsville-Lords Lndscping

Washington DC- Fragers and Ginkgos


Georgia-Augusta-Bedfords, Dalton-Deep Springs, Dallas-Lost Mountian, Atlanta-Habershams, Jackson-Ray Collier, Carrollton-Southern Home and Ranch, Alpharetta-Scottsdale, Snellville-The Family Tree,

Indiana-Combs in Evansville and Ridge in Chandler


Maryland-Bethesda-both American Plant Foods, Beltsville-Behnke's, Potomac-Behnke's and Good Earth, Davidsonville and Severna Park-Homestead, Chesterton-Southern States Kingston, Laytonsville-Stadler, Cockeysville-Valley View Farms, Charlotte Hall and Prince Frederick-Wentworth, Easton- Yard Basics.

New Jersey- Egg Harbor-Bob's, Fairfield-Fairfield, Linwood-Langs, Little Silver-Sickles, Allentown-Pleasant Run.

New York-Dix Hills-Atlantic Garden Center and Campanelli's, Oyster Bay-Martin Viette, Mt. Sinai-Daisy White.

Pennsylvania-Media-Linvilla, Oaks-Oaks, Glenside-Laurel Hill

South Carolina-Charleston-Angel Oaks and Abide A While, Aiken-Cold Creek, Newberry-Cousins and Wickers, Elgin-Crabtree, Greer-Lichtenfelt, Rock Hill-Farmers Exchange, Greenville-Martins and South Pleasantburg, Taylors-Hidden Valley, Waltersboro-Fracasso, Florence-Forest Lake, Lexington-Wingard, Irmo-Woodleys, Columbia-Woodleys, Summerville-Easton, Pawley's Island-True Blue, Bluffton-The Green Thumb, Seneca-Zone 7

Tennessee- Chattanooga-The Barn, Ooletewah-Ooltewah, Lenoir City-Meadowview, Oakridge-Willowridge, Nashville-Moore and Moore

Texas- Dallas- Calloways, Houston-Cornelius Calloways.

Virginia-Farmville-B and M, Alexandria-Campbell and Ferrara, Assowoman-Chesser, Ashland-Colesville, Charlottesville-Ivy Nursery, Southern States Leake Sq. and Harris St., Merrifield-Merrifield, Fair Oaks-Merrifield, Manasses-Merrifield, Lynchburg-Virginia Garden Supply, Fredericksburg-Roxbury, Forest-Rainfrost, Richmond-Stranges and Southern States West Broad, Midlothian- Southern States, Purcellville- Southern States.

AND OUR STATE OF; North Carolina-

Greensboro-Guilford Garden Ctr, New Garden, The Garden Outlet, Southern States, Asheville-BB Barns and Jesse Israel, Weaverville-Reems Creek, Raleigh-Atlantic Ave. Orchid, Logan, Homewood, Fairview,

Concord-Brafford, Salisbury-Godleys, Southern Pines-Gulley's, Pinehurst-Etheridge, Durham-Durham, Chapel Hill-For Gardens Sake and Piedmont Feed and Seed. Charlotte- Campbells and Mr. Jacks and Southern Styles and Rountree and Wing Haven,

Huntersville-Dearness, Graham-Living Landscape, Mebane-Southern States, Carrboro-Southern States, Hampstead-Pender Pines, New Bern-Pinecone Perennials, Roxboro-Rolling Hills, Lexington-Lexington, Newport-Carolina Home and Garden, Winterville-Plant and See,

Liberty- Green View, Winston Salem- LA Reynolds and Reynolda Gardens, Wilmington-Zone 8 and Craft American Hardware and The Transplanted Garden, Roanoke Rapids-Roanoke

Check them out and check us all out on our Facebook pages!

Camellia talk
Posted September 30, 2012, 7:25 pm

Gave a talk on how wonderful camellias are this past Saturday at Carolina Home and Garden Center in Newport, NC. Received very well and many camellias made their way to the cash register. They were having a wine tasting as I left with Snoopy and Lucy walking around greeting people. Check them out when in the area, RT 24 west bound side on coast. Stayed at a lovely b & b, The Light House Inn in Morehead City, NC. One block back from RT 70 and one block over from the causeway that crosses the intercoastal waterway to Atlantic Beach. Will try and post pics soon. On the way home, stopped at Jeffrey's Steak and Seafood Restaurant in Kinston, NC. Had the BEST grits and shrimp EVER. Creamy, smooth, not thick, lumpy or dry. With a little sauteed shrimp, mushroom and onion drizzled on top, OMG--yum. RT 70

Check out our NEW!! koi Site - www.camtookoi.com:
Posted August 27, 2012, 9:16 pm

imagewww.camtookoi.comWe have had koi in our nursery ponds for over 20 years, just because we love them. We then built a few small tanks to breed a few fish for ourselves. And so, we have another hobby that got out of control! One greenhouse, that used to hold one-of-a-kind camellias, was cleared out and some small tanks slowly multiplied inside. Then a few mud ponds were dug for the "keepers" that would benefit from the mud minerals and larger growing area. Ray zeroed in on the kohakus. Everyone else has their favorites of the other breeds. So we have a wide variety of breeds and both fin types for sale. Some fish will be featured that we consider exceptional. Others will be sold by breed or assorted. This year, a new breeding house was built to increase the quantity of fish that we can handle. We have built a very clean, upscale environment for the fish to prosper. More mud ponds were built. The ponds are fenced to keep out the predators. This website was created to share our fish with everyone. Please call with any questions about the fish or sales. We appreciate you taking the time to check us out and hope that we can provide wonderful additions to your pond or start you on a new hobby!

Prunus mume pics
Posted July 19, 2012, 9:04 am

imageThe pictures taken of the Prunus mume- Flowering Apricots, are gratefully welcomed from Ron Ludekens of L.E. Cooke Company. The initials LEC appear after bloom time in the individual descriptions.

These trees bloom very early, before the cherries and crabs, but along with CAMELLIAS!!!

more pics credits.
Posted July 18, 2012, 1:00 pm
Hello, we have received several pictures to use on the website from Christina Haney of Homewood Gardens in Raleigh, NC. They will have "ch" after the word spring or fall in the individual pictures. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Japonicas; Alta Gavin, Commander Mulroy, Dorothy Zerkowsky, Eleanor McCowan, Grape Soda, J Stewart Howard-red (ours usually are variegated), Jean Clere, Little Susie, Nina Avery and Scarlet Temptation. Sasanquas- Autumn Rocket, Slim & Trim and Heinko.

More color pictures 3
Posted July 17, 2012, 1:44 pm

The pics of Ella Wards Parsons and Black Magic were shared from Mr. Matt Hunter of Wilmington, NC. He is the president of the American Camellia Society. Thanks Matt! you can see his initials after the bloom time in the flower description- "spring" mh

More color pictures 2
Posted July 17, 2012, 1:42 pm

The following pictures came from Mr. Bill Howell of Wilmington, NC. In the plant descriptions the initials bh follow the bloom time- such as "spring". Mr. Howell Has been a life-long lover of camellias and has done much to promote their fame. He has a fabulous garden and gives talks at various camellia shows. Mr. Tom Ericson of The Transplanted Garden helped in electronically getting the pics to me.

Apollo 14, Bart Colbert Var., Bobby Fain Var., China Doll, Coral Delight, Drama Girl, El Dorado, Frank Houser, Jean Clere, Kikotoji, Les Marbury, Mercury Supreme, Mike Witman Var.,Nell Ashby, One Alone, Pirate's Gold, Rachel Tarpy, Sawada's Dream,Tama Glitters, Thompsonii, Tricolor.

Thank you both for contributing. Everybody knows the pictures are what is best!

The office garden
Posted July 11, 2012, 9:33 pm

imageNext to our office we have a garden with koi pond and deck. The cats use the garden for shade during the summer and to drink out of the upper water lily pond. This cat is named Angel. A younger cat surprised her once as she sat near the pond grooming. She jumped around and ended up falling in, but keeping her head and front paws dry. The younger cat (Jack) was chased for a long while.

new fish house
Posted July 11, 2012, 9:26 pm

imageNew fish breeding house built spring 2012. Will have 16 rectangular wooden, rubber lined tanks

Aerial view
Posted July 11, 2012, 6:44 pm

imagePicture of nursery in 2010. Taken in April when warm enough to cut holes in plastic, but still with danger of frost, plastic left on till May 1st.

Propagation houses lower right, 2 new ponds were being dug in the back for the koi we now raise. Since then the additions would be 2 more ponds and a fish breeding house to the left of those ponds. See Cam Too Koi website.

cinnamon cindy picture
Posted July 7, 2012, 9:25 am

The picture of Cinnamon Cindy is courtesy of Tom of The Transplanted Gardens in Wilmington, North Carolina. Thank you!

you can see his initials after the bloom time in the flower description "spring" te.

some pictures
Posted July 5, 2012, 8:46 am

The pictures of flowers with a gold background are actually photographs of our picture tags. As soon as I get my own photo, I will change them. Our picture tags are made by Macore Co in Oregon.

Welcome to Our New Section
Posted May 31, 2012, 7:42 pm

imageHello, thank you for visiting our website. We are busy adding plants and pictures.



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